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The registration of new students assigned to Boca Secondary School from the Common Entrance Examination (CEE) and other schools will take place during the last week of the trinity term, after the graduation ceremony. During the registration process parents are expected to accompany their children. Birth cetificates and other supporting documents are required. The school will determine the registration fee. The fee will comprise of the following:

  •  Standardized school fee
  • School tie
  • Security fee
  • Furniture fee
  • Lab fee
  • Report book - among others
  • Examination fee

The school will facilitate transfers into and out of school mainly for economic reasons. However, Boca Secondary School would carry out a thorough investigation into the background of the student to be transferred in- the result of such investigation will have a bearing on our decision to take in the new student.


It is imperative that all SBA are completed by the set deadline. Failure to complete SBA on time will result in student being debarred/withdrawn from the examination. Students must prove that the SBA submitted is their work and not work done by someone else. SBA work MUST be supervised at every stage of its completion for authenticity and ownership. Students suspected of illegal practices with their SBA's would have to answer to the disciplinary committee through an investigative process. Students found guilty of plagiarism will be asked to redo the work, debarred from the examination or suspended.


Homework can be defined as additional work issued by teachers to give students additional practice on a concept of work taught. It can also be viewed as means of additional work for reinforcement of areas covered as well as to give the teacher feedback of how well students mastered the content of the work. This work will be graded and recorded by the teacher which will aid the child's final grade for the term/year. In this regard the school sees home work as very important in the educational development of the child. This aspect does not only lend itself to improved grades but it also teaches the child responsibility and commitment to dead line submissions. Therefore, it is imperative that all homework issued be completed and submitted by the specified date. It is mandatory that parents sign every piece of homework completed by the student. This measure will ensure that parents continue to play an integral part of the child’s educational development. This measure is required by all form level. Unsigned work submitting by students will not be graded. Students will have to ensure that parents do sign their homework before it's graded.

NB: Should there be proof that the homework was not done by the student, the students work will not be graded and parents will be called in as soon as possible to discuss the matter. Further, the parents will have to ensure that the child’s homework is supervised. Students who persistently refused to submit their homework, the affected teachers can have those students suspended from classes for a period of no less than two days. Such actions MUST be recorded in the book specified for those demeanors. During those days of suspension from those classes, the affected students will have to attend counseling sessions to correct that behavior.


Graduation symbolizes the successful completion of a course of study here at the Boca Secondary School. The graduation ceremony will be held during the last week of the Trinity Term in July. The graduates will graduate in full uniform and the school’s graduation gown depicting the color of the school. This outfit will also be accompanied by a head piece also in the school colour and a tassel as well as a red sash labeled with the words 'Graduating Class of the Year' of the graduation. However, students will be denied the honor of gradating for the following reasoning:

  •  Too many demerit points
  • Less than five subject passes
  • Greave misconduct
  • Persistent late and absences - (more than fifteen (15)  times late per term)
  • Poor school record
  • Pregnancy
  • Fatherhood
  • Failure to submit completed SBA


  • Should be doing at least 5 CXC subjects.
  • Should not be more than 15 times late in a term.
  • Should not have more than 30 demerit points on record (E.g. 10-suspensions, 5-loitering, 10-uniform violations, rowdiness, and obscenities, 5-Failure to complete and submit home assignment/SBA).
  • Students should be actively involved in at least one extra curricula activity.

NB: A graduating fee comprising of various amenities will be forwarded to parents no later than two months before the graduation exercise.


Students who are deemed pregnant will have to seek alternative accommodation for their education, since the regular school environment will not be ideal for them. The school may assist in finding accommodation at the institution with a program for adolescent mothers.


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